H8TRiD is a solo rapper with a rock attitude from Allentown, PA. Striving to avoid sounding like the repetitive rap music on the radio today he bases his tracks on true life experiences. H8TRiD is know for his sometimes-funny, sometimes-deep, sometimes-hype but always real lyrics with creative samplers and fresh beats. H8TRiD is also known for his powerful performances! It is often said that H8TRiD comes with an original flow and style in a time where everyone sounds the same.

H8TRiD started in a group called PeR-VeRSe in 2004. In 2005 they put out an EP entitled “Just When You Thought It Was Safe.” It sold close to 1,000 copies. In 2006 H8TRiD decided it was to go solo. Since then H8TRiD has grown a solid fan base by booking dozens of shows across PA, NJ, Mass, IL, VA, CT, NY, WV & OH, and has performed with national acts such as DMX, Vanilla Ice, Esham, ABK, Shop Boyz, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Tech N9ne, Paul Wall, Blaze and dozens more! H8TRiD has also played festivals such as 10,000 plus people event called The Gathering Of The Juggalos at the Bomb House in 2006 and was given the honor to play 2nd stage during one of the “hot spots” for the 2008 & 2009 Gathering Of The Juggalos. He also headlined the rap spot for 2006 Fuzetival (A Major Lehigh Valley music festival that donates to a charity) and co-headlined in 2007. H8TRiD has also been played on various college radio stations and made it into local magazines such as Merge, Pulse Weekly & Metromix. H8TRiD made a tv appearance along with Phatal on NZTV where they performed 3 songs and did an interview. In 2007 & 2010 H8TRiD was nominated for the Lehigh Valley Music awards for Best Lyrics, Best Album, Best Album Cover & Best Live Hip-Hop performer.

Since 2007 H8TRiD has dropped an EP “Suprise Entrance,” two albums with fellows S2R lablemates “Movement” & “Movement Vol. 2” followed by the highly anticipated “Personal Vendetta,” which has helps majorly to give H8TRiD a good name for himself in the rap game which its very positive reviews. It featured such artist as King Magnetic (Of AOTP), Intrinzik, T.O.N.E-z, Ill E. Gal, Delusional, S2R & More!! Most recently H8TRiD released a full length LP entitled “Weapon VIII” for free, as a way to reach new fans, thank old ones and a chance to experiment with a bunch of different styles.

When not doing his own music H8TRiD runs SideStream Records (S2R), which has become one of the most known underground lables to ever come from PA. The current roster includes, Phatal, R.E.G. & DKB. S2R has helped past artists get a major start such as Whitney Peyton, D-RaNGD, Durte & Methotical.

Currently H8TRiD has taken a break from local shows to work on a project entitled “T.H.P.” With Emmy Nominee T.O.N.E-z and fellow S2R artist Phatal. He is also working on “Weapon VIII Vol. 2” and the S2R Compilation “Fitting In By Standing Out.”

Any questions can e-mail pvch8trid@yahoo.com. Also check H8TRiD’s EPK For More Info!

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