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Did Phatal kill this new album cover or what? Shits insanely sick

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07/30/2015 at 6:44 PM

W8-2 Tracklisting update version 2....welp since I lost half my tracks I had to do some revamping and it will delay the release til late 2015 but IT WILL COME THIS YEAR!! This tracklisting is still not %100 but it should be pretty close...and I post it cuz I am excited...yay.

W8-2 Tracklisting (temp)

1. H8TRo
2. IDC
3. Prop Squad Ft. Phatal & Durte
4. Return Of Pointless 16
5. What U Need Ft. Layzie Bone & Krayzie Bone
6. No Telling
7. Don't Mess With Dad Ft. Grewsum
8. Waste Of Time Ft. MC KiND
9. Tubthumping
10. Get On Up Ft. Big Cap
11. No More Remix Ft. Phatal & Optymus
12. Pointless Flow
13. Closure
14. Put U Down Ft. Optymus & Liquid Assassin
15. Not Like You
16. OuTRiD

***Bonus Tracks***
17. Failed Experiment Too
18. Savage Beast Ft. MC Kind & Phatal
19. 6 Shots Ft. Aequitas & D-RaNGD
20. Oh Well
21. Here I Am Ft. H8TRiSS

07/16/2015 at 6:45 PM

I swear to fucking darwin that everytime i wanna finish a track for w8-2 i discover it was a victim of my hard drive crash

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H8TRiD changed their profile picture.

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finally a h8 logo

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06/18/2015 at 9:10 PM

Went to do a final mix of some old songs just to find they were a victim of my hard drive crash last year. Sighhhh

05/22/2015 at 9:14 PM

In High School I was an awkward outcast with 5 friends. After High School I made lifelong friends with some of the craziest and coolest people you could ever meet. In my early 20's I had some of the craziest and most fun times of my life when I lived with my roommate Corey. In my mid 20's I had two awesome children with Amber Johnson and calmed down. Since I was 19 I did music, in which I have sold 1,000's of copies and had 1000's of downloads, played multiple states, done tracks with Emmy Nominees and Grammy winner and have befriended some of the most talented and popular unsigned artists in the scene. Tomorrow I get Married. I will be an awkward outcast having a wedding with about 125 people RSVPed. I am gonna become part of an amazing family of people, the kind of families I thought were only on tv. I never changed who I was, never followed trends, and showed respect to anyone who has shown respect to me. It seems to have payed off, and hopefully the journey continues....#eberly

05/16/2015 at 4:47 PM

After my wedding I will get back on my promo game. #ups #propsquad #h8trid #s2r

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New t-shirt design? By the man himself Phillip Phatal Phd Hudson

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H8TRiD with ZEke ROnin and 3 others


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